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Why Choose Us?

At The New Leaf Landscaping, our attention to detail is our number one priority. You need a company you can trust to make your landscape look its very best. We have a long history of satisfied clients and always welcome new relationships.
Our free consultation is a great way to discuss your vision. No job is too big or too small.

We Provide All Solutions under one Roof

Friendly customer service staff for your all questions!

Why Choose Us

Family Owned

We are locally family owned and operated. We offer friendly, personal service you will never get from the big corporations!

Professional & Courteous Staff

Our staff has been trained to respect you and your property at all times. We are committed to this full time and focused on you, our family we serve.

Fast and Reliable

Our professional equipment is designed to work even on rainy days, so you won’t miss your service due to rain (except in the case of extreme weather).

Fully Licensed & Insured

We meet or exceed all insurance and licensing requirements for landscaping companies in the locations that we serve.

Our Dedicated Team

Phill Lollar, Co-Owner

Phill and his wife Angela became the new owners of The New Leaf in early 2018 and bring an impressive resume of experience. Phill has spent more than two decades of his professional career as a general manager for a large construction firm that he and his partner built from the ground up. He is a Licensed & Certified Spray Applicator for Nebraska and brings years of experience with his construction and design background. He has tremendous knowledge far beyond building and landscaping. He's been described as the ``Round peg, square hole`` master of problem solving and is excited to bring his years of experience and expertise to the Chadron Community. “With construction comes the landscape piece as well. All of our ground up project end with the finishing touch of landscaping design and installation, so coming to The New Leaf is right within my wheelhouse and the perfect fit.” With a family background in landscaping as well (Sister Heather Lollar owned and ran Lollar Landscaping out of Denver for many years.) and a team of professionals in his pocket, we continue to be your trusted team for premiere lawn care services.

Angela Lollar, Co-Owner

Angela has an incredible passion for superior customer service and has been privileged to work alongside some of the most talented and recognized cloud technology professionals in the IT industry. She has always had a passion for creativity and has been trained alongside one of the most respected floral design experts of Denver as she steps into her new role at The New Leaf. Angela is taking what she’s learned into Phill and her owning their own business and she brings a strong support team and business knowledge with her to help take The New Leaf team to the next level. “Working with C-Level executives over the last 20 years and helping to guide them in their own growth path has provided me with an incredible education on what it takes to be a successful business owner. The number one piece I have learned above all else in the success stories I have helped write focus on the concept that exceptional customer service drives the bottom line, not the dollar. If you provide honest, hardworking, passion driven services, the rest happens naturally.”

Keith Carter, Licensed & Certified Spray Applicator

Keith joined The New Leaf Team early this year and brings an incredible dedication to hard work and customer service. He stands out as an outstanding, loving and caring father to his two little girls and served as a O311 Infantry in the United States Marine Corps. Since joining our team, Keith has spent countless hours with our vendors and suppliers to learn the ornamental turf, pesticide and herbicide spray application techniques alongside the pros of one of the largest nation-wide fertilization chemical distributors. We’ve made a huge investment in Keith. In the time we’ve had him as part of The New Leaf family, it’s clear Keith is an incredible gentleman who served his country with pride, is committed to family and truly understands why we do what we do. He shares our passion for doing the right thing, operating with full honesty and integrity and a respectful understanding that this isn’t just lawn care. “I’m excited that I get to be part of the foundation that creates a safe place for kids to play, a gathering place for families and part of a team who really does believe in making Chadron beautiful.” ~Keith C.

Jasmine Spencer, Floral Design Manager

We are particularly excited about having Jasmine in The New Leaf family because she brings years of hands on experience both in the floral design shop and the greenhouse. Her unique knowledge and creative talents when it comes to flowers and plants is exceptional and has truly helped take The New Leaf to the next level! Her passion for perfection and dedication to making everything perfect shines bright inspiring the entire team. From personal research to improve the light, temperature and water diet of our indoor plants, to stepping into a lead role in our floral design studio, Jasmine makes our family dynamic fun and exciting every day!

Your dedicated professional Premier Gardening & Landscaping Team